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Sussex Sawmill Project- Capital Investment of $15,000,000

The Town of Sussex is pleased to advise residents of an important capital improvement project that has begun today. The Sussex Sawmill has initiated the work necessary to complete an investment of $15,000,00 to upgrade this facility and to implement a modernization of an important economic driver in the greater Sussex Region.

Please see the COVID-19 Operational Plan of this facility and the safety processes put in place as the construction is completed.

Rail Safety Week 2020 – A Shared Responsibility

Every year, more than 2,100 North Americans are killed or seriously injured because of unsafe behavior around tracks and trains. Rail safety is everyone’s responsibility. The Town of Sussex joins CN to promote rail safety in our community. It is a shared responsibility!

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Sussex Has A Climate Change Adaptation Plan!

Communities across New Brunswick are facing the effects of climate change. While the effects and experience differ for many communities, Sussex has developed and completed Phase I of its Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

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Geothermal Feasibility Study Phase II

Our results are in, and the final document that has resulted from an exhaustive study into the flooded depths of the decommissioned potash mine in Penobsquis has revealed an exciting opportunity to produce geothermal energy for the Sussex area. Our final report has been three years in the making and has identified the true viability of developing a lower cost, carbon-friendly heating and cooling source that has the potential to grow a region recovering from the loss of its potash mining activity.

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