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FireSmart Begins at Home Guide

In any major event, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and preparedness. In the instance of wildfires, they can strike swiftly, threatening lives, homes, and entire communities. By working together, risks can be minimized and cherished spaces safeguarded from the devastating impacts of wildfires.

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 Sussex Serves Up Tennis Court Upgrades Thanks to Donation

Ted Robertson, Ron Soper, Mike Wood and Kirk Sabine, representing the Sussex & Area Tennis Association, presented Sussex Mayor and Council a donation of $20,000 towards the Princess Louise Park tennis court expansion project. Corey McAllister, representing Brown’s Paving, announced that Brown’s Paving Ltd. has committed to providing the asphalt for the project – a donation that has made a significant impact in propelling the project.

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Inspiring the Community – Sussex Celebrates National Volunteer Week with Gratitude

April 14 to 20 marks National Volunteer week, an annual celebration that recognizes the invaluable contributions of volunteers around Canada. On April 18, Sussex hosted their 2024 Volunteer Appreciation Reception and Awards.

Volunteering is the backbone of a strong, vibrant community. Every volunteer’s unique experience and perspective add to our collective strength, weaving our community together making it more resilient and inclusive for all.

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Helping build more homes, faster in Sussex

Sussex will receive more than $3.2 million for initiatives such as updating infrastructure planning to align with future growth, developing non-profit partnerships, providing permit-ready parcels of vacant land, amending zoning bylaws to allow more homes in neighbourhoods, promoting the development of alternative housing types like modular and prefabricated, and implementing flood mitigation strategies.

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Register Property Damages from February Flooding

People in the Province whose property has suffered damage as a result of this weather event are requested by the Department of Justice and Public Safety’s Emergency Measures Organization to report the damage to Service New Brunswick.

Heavy rain event on February 28 & 29, 2024 – deadline to register May 29, 2024.

These reports will assist officials with the assessment of damages in order to determine whether our community will be eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance.

Link to the Damage Report Form