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New Emergency Alert System – Voyent Alert!

Sussex is pleased to announce the integration of a new emergency alert notification system – Voyent Alert. In times of crisis, it is important that residents have access to trusted, timely, and accurate information to ensure their own safety and that of their family and loved ones.

Voyent Alert provides a reliable and efficient way to distribute and receive detailed emergency alerts and other important day-to-day information. Voyent Alert offers customized options to receive critical information and alerts through up to 4 notification options – Voice Call, Text, App Notification, and Email. Through these channels, residents receive details on emergency situations. Critical information such as distance and direction of an incident, preferred evacuation route, and other relevant details concerning an evolving situation are issued.

With the option to provide information alerts, Sussex will now be issuing further notices regarding day-to-day situations that may affect your immediate area, such as road closures, water advisories, snow removal advisories, and more.

The system uses specific addresses to ensure users receive accurate, personalized notifications. Residents have the ability to pin specific locations on a map within Sussex boundaries to further tailor their notifications. Alternatively, users can opt out of alerts that may not pertain to their demographic for further customization. Residents have the power to define which communications they receive, on which devices, and for as many locations as needed.

Please visit our “Alerts” page to register and for more information:

Residents who have registered with Sentinel and have previously been receiving Alerts are automatically enrolled for Voyent Alert. To complete the transition of an account, visit and sign-in with the email or phone number linked to Sentinel. Please note: If you have previously registered with Sentinel, but do not reside within the boundaries of Sussex, you are not automatically enrolled.