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Sussex Council Sets Unified Water and Sewer User Fees and Billing Schedule

Sussex Council has approved an amendment to the water and sewer by-laws of the former Town of Sussex (Ward 1) and the former Village of Sussex Corner (Ward 2). The fee schedules have established universal fees for all residential and commercial customers connected to the municipal water distribution and sanitary sewer collection systems. An equitable service fee will now be applied to all areas of service in the new municipality of Sussex effective January 1, 2023.

The new user fees are a combined water and sewer annual flat rate in the amount of $450 per residential user. Those with metered rates will see an equal increase of 2.2%.

Sussex is establishing a universal billing system. To facilitate the change, the timing of invoices will be adjusted for all flat rate users. Those in Ward 1 have already been billed to April 30, 2023, and those in Ward 2 have been billed to March 31, 2023, all at the 2022 rates.

Ward 1 flat rate users will be billed for five months on May 1, 2023, with a retroactive adjustment. Ward 2 will receive a six-month bill on April 1, 2023, with a retroactive adjustment. All flat rate users in the new community will receive bills every six months beginning October 1, 2023.

There is no change to the quarterly schedule for metered users.

Payments can be made through the following methods:

• Telephone and Internet banking
• Service NB
• Online at

Or, in person at 524 Main Street by:

• Cheque (payable to “Sussex”)
• Cash
• Debit
• Visa
• Mastercard
• Amex

Please refer to the attached Schedules of Fees enacted by Sussex Council:

Ward 1 Schedule of Fees
Ward 2 Schedule of Fees

For more information contact Sussex Town Hall at (506) 432-4540.