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Special Event Application Form

Are you planning to host a great community event? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our Events team is here to assist you in hosting an entertainment-filled, successful community event.

Before beginning you are encouraged to read the Special Event Policy, by clicking on the link on this page, to familiarise yourself with the requirements.

IMPORTANT: Applications must be submitted at least 90 days before the event to allow for processing and approval by Sussex Town Council.

Please note that this form uses conditional formatting. Based on your responses, the form below will be modified to ensure that you are only presented with questions or fields relevant to your event.

Form No. CS-21-001: Special Event Application

Section 1 – Basic Event Information

Type of Event(s):

Preferred Location(s) of Event(s):

Event Set-up

Please add details for each set-up day you require in advance of your event.
Time From:
Time To:

Event Operation

Please add details for each day of your event. List hours event is open to the public.
Time From: *
Time To: *

Event Clean-up

Please add details for each clean-up day you require following your event.
Time From:
Time To:
Note: These dates are NOT being submitted for approval. An application needs to be filled out.
Attach Program (if applicable)

Maximum file size: 516MB

Section 2 – Request for Support

(General event support includes but is not limited to the provision of Town-owned Special Event Zones, the delivery and installation of event equipment [picnic tables, garbage cans, fencing], street closure support, inclusion of key events in marketing channels and general event planning guidance.)

What type(s) of support are you requesting?

Refer to Special Event Policy 3.0 for more information.

What is your specific request for EVENT SUPPORT SERVICES?

Wood construction. Seats 6
Steel. 6ft high x 10ft long
Steel. 4ft high x 10ft long
Wooden. Saw-horse style. Orange.

What is your specific request for FUNDING?

Section 3 – Event Plan

Will your event include any of the following?

Check all that apply. Full and complete disclosure is required.
Street closure requests are reviewed by the Events Management Committee (EMC). If approved, EMC will submit the request and the recommendation to Sussex Town Council, on behalf of the event organizer. If necessary, the Town will also seek the required approvals for the use of Provincially Designated Highways from the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure on behalf of the event organizer.
Attach completed copy of Street Closure Request Template (Appendix G)

Maximum file size: 516MB

A Noise By-law exemption request must be included in the application for any event that will create excessive noise past 10 p.m. or before 7 a.m., (Town of Sussex By-Law # 750-09).
Attach completed copy of Noise By-law Exemption Request Template (Appendix H)

Maximum file size: 516MB

All tents, inflatables, and/or temporary structures must be properly anchored. Under no circumstances are event organizers permitted to anchor these items into asphalt or other permanent surfaces.
Items that penetrate the ground more than 6 inches (15 cm), such as temporary fencing, signage posts or tent pegs, could potentially damage underground infrastructure (water, power and phone lines). Event organizers must obtain underground locates from the utilities listed below in order to have permission to install these items. I acknowledge that at least two weeks prior to the event, I will submit to submit all appropriate confirmation numbers to Sussex for final approval.
It is the event organizers responsibility to contact the New Brunswick Department of Public Health (Health Protection Branch – South Region) to confirm that all food vendors are licensed. For more information, please call 432-2104. I acknowledge that not less than 14 days prior to the event, I will submit Public Health permits for ALL food vendors.
Have you applied or your liquor license through Service New Brunswick?
Please note that if the facility/ space to be licensed is owed by the Town, additional information will be required for your license.
Have you applied for your lottery license through Service New Brunswick?
A person may with the approval of the Council and under the supervision of the Fire Chief or his designate, set off or use fireworks within the Town.
SITE PLAN (required for all applications): *

Maximum file size: 516MB

Please print one of the pre-made site plans from the side menu. Mark this up with as much detail as possible. Scan, and attach here.
OR, attach event route:

Maximum file size: 516MB

OR, attach parade line-up:

Maximum file size: 516MB

Section 4 – Financial Information

Attach a Budget Here:

Maximum file size: 516MB

OR, you may complete the following: (See Appendix J for a sample budget)
See Appendix J for a sample budget

Section 5- Safety Plan

Have you hired a professional security company?
Have you requested RCMP assistance?
Will you have first aid on site?
Copy of Insurance

Maximum file size: 516MB

Proof of insurance is only required after the event is approved. Event organizers must carry no less than $2 million in general liability coverage for the event and designate the Town of Sussex as additional insured with respect to the event.)

Section 6 – Contact Information

Address: *
Postal Code
I have read and understand the Event Policy prior to completing my application: *