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NB EMO Storm Preparedness Week!

The Province of New Brunswick and NB EMO designated November 6 to November 12 as “Storm Preparedness Week”. Severe weather comes with warning, but not with certainty. Being prepared for an emergency begins with proactive preparation. By knowing the risks in your area, making a plan, and creating an emergency kit, you can be prepared to handle the uncertainty of severe weather this Winter Season. This is especially important for newcomers experiencing their first Canadian Winter.

“Be sure your family is prepared to handle major storms this winter season,” said New Brunswick Public Safety Minister Kris Austin.

Storms can quickly disrupt daily life. By having the following steps in place, you can be ready to face the challenges of inclement weather:

Step 1 – Know the risks: It is important to know the risks specific to your community. Environment and Climate Change Canada warns of many winter weather hazards such as blizzards, ice storms, and strong winds. With those conditions in mind, you can set forth an emergency plan and create an emergency kit. Stay informed of the risks by using an emergency alert provider. Sussex uses Voyent Alert to issue emergency alerts during severe weather, or an emergent situation.

Step 2 – Emergency Plan: Having a plan in place for severe storms is crucial for ensuring safety and minimizing damage to a property. Create an emergency plan for your family that includes a list of emergency contacts, a designated meeting place, and a plan for how to communicate during a storm.Important documents may be another item you want to have on hand in the event of an evacuation.

Step 3 – Make an Emergency Kit: In an emergency, all basic supplies are necessary. Be prepared to be self sufficient for at least 72 hours. Make sure your kit includes items such as food, water, medications, first aid kit, blankets, and your emergency plan. Be sure everyone in the household knows where the emergency kit is located and is able to reach it.

Stay informed! While the dangers of a storm can’t be prevented, staying aware and proactive is possible! Sussex uses Voyent Alert as their emergency alert provider. Alerts pertaining to weather related emergencies will provide you directions to locate warming shelters and provide up to date information on the emergency situation. To sign up for Emergency Alerts through Voyent Alert, visit or call Town Hall at (506) 432-4540 to register.   

More information is available in the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organizations’ emergency preparedness document Are you ready? and on the federal government’s Get Prepared website.