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Update on the Ward 2 Water Production Wells – Revised November 20, 2023

Sussex wishes to advise residents of Ward 2 of its ongoing schedule to complete preventative maintenance on Well 3 of the Ward 2 Water Distribution System between October 20th and November 20th and our status of ongoing work 19th to conduct this maintenance. The Town’s work plan to address and to introduce preventative maintenance on the Ward 2 water production wells as approved by Sussex Council is currently being fully executed. To summarize the Town’s project steps and to provide insight on the status of the work plan and progress in execution thus far on the Ward 2 water supply wells the following information on our progress is itemized as follows:

  1. Ward 2 water system upgrade on Leonard Drive is now complete. All testing and changeover of the services from the old line to the new watermain have been completed and the new main has been in service since November 01, 2023. Cleanup remains on Leonard Drive and the lower section of Cougle Road, but this project is substantially complete. The new Town now has options to feed potable water in areas of the new community should changes be necessary.
  2. The temporary changeover of the supply wells from Ward 2 to the Ward 1 supply has been completed and the change in water supply has been in service for approximately 4 weeks. The service area experiencing this change is all subdivisions off Main Street from All Seasons to Sussex Corner Elementary School. The water distribution system has been operating in this fashion since October 24th, 2023, to facilitate the opportunity to complete needed preventative maintenance on the Ward 2 – Well 3. No issues have been identified other than a marginal drop in service pressure to the residential and commercial properties effected by this temporary change. All calls related to water color have now ended. The Town will continue this method of operation until at least November 22, 2023.
  3. Well 3 remediation began Monday November 6th 2023. The pump and poly feed lines were removed from the well on that day. The pump assembly has been sent to Fredericton for assessment, service and / or replacement. On Tuesday November 07th, 2023 the well casing and screen were videoed using a remote operated vehicle (ROV) to assess conditions. The well screen was severely encrusted. So much so the production rate of the well was measured at approximately 174 usgpm. The Town believes the pump rate will increase to +345 usgpm by the end of next week. This doubling of production, if necessary, will be a welcomed outcome as a result of the preventative maintenance procedures undertaken to date. The well casing and well screen was wire brushed to remove the crusted areas off the screen on Wednesday November 08th, 2023. A finer less course wire brush will be used through Friday November 10th, 2023, to further clean the well. On Tuesday November 14th, 2023, the Town will take steps to begin the acidification of the well and to further clean the gravel pack around this production well. This process is expected to take 4 to 5 days to complete. We are anticipating having this Well back in service and within compliance of the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines by November 22, 2023.
  4. Ward 2 – Well 2 has been successfully remediated and our consultants believe they have successfully addressed the turbidity issues experienced when operating this production well. A continuous turbidity monitor has been purchased and is now installed. The Town is awaiting work to be completed by a local civil construction contractor to assist the Town with underground piping changes. This civil work is necessary to add a new Chlorine monitor on Well 2 and to successfully operate this new equipment. This equipment has been required since April 2020 but had yet to be installed by the former village.
  5. Work on the turbidity monitor and chlorine monitor for Ward 2 – Well 1 will be undertaken once Well 2 has been completed and back in service. This equipment has been required since April 2020 but had yet to be installed by the former village.
  6. Work on the turbidity monitor and chlorine monitor for Ward 2 – Well 3 will be undertaken once Well 3 preventative maintenance work has been completed and the Well is back in service. This equipment has been required since April 2020 but had yet to be installed by the former village.

The Town is happy to report that the status of the work being executed has been implemented without issues. This necessary intervention will assist in correcting water quality issues in Ward 2 that were not addressed by the former Village of Sussex Corner as their reported water testing began to exceed water quality parameters in late 2020, 2021 and 2022. The analysis and the consultants’ final reporting will be used as the bases for future preventative intervention and continuously scheduled maintenance to address manganese and turbidity issues in future years beginning in December 2023.

Sussex Council will continue to monitor all progress regarding Ward 2 wells and will be reviewing a status report during their November meetings. A copy of this report is attached for anyone who is interested. Anyone who may be interested in further information or clarification may contact Sussex CAO, Mr. Scott Hatcher, P. Eng during normal business hours at (506) 432-4540.