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Press Release May 2019 Funding for Flood Mitigation

The Town of Sussex and its residents are appreciative of the funding consideration under this federal program addressing phase 1 of the Town’s disaster mitigation and the assistance of our Member of Parliament Alaina Lockhart, Fundy Royal for helping the residents of Sussex to achieve the necessary focus on flooding issues in Sussex and her assistance in securing this important project funding.

Town of Sussex has secured $637,500 Federal Funding under the National Disaster Mitigation Program NDMP for a project identified by the Towns Flood Study as an integral  part, and prerequisite of undertaking upstream work to protect the properties from the effects of surface water flooding.

Mayor Marc Thorne and the residents of Sussex look forward to the beginning of Flood Mitigation Planning. Mayor Thorne believes the flooding events experienced in our Region is our single most important issue faced by our residents and surrounding communities and all their affected properties. Mayor Thorne has stated “I believe there is a need to begin the process of introducing flood mitigation improvements and to explore the development of a Master Plan to attempt to achieve a potential flood solution. There are technical difficulties and difficult approvals for any plan, but a solution is worthy of consideration and to begin the planning and development of the Master Plan / solution. This Gateway Mall project is an integral part of our Master Planning and a critical project to set the foundation for our future mitigation efforts and to secure form flooding a vital commercial core in Sussex”.

The Town of Sussex together with the Village of Sussex Corner have formed a Task Force to assess and develop a Master Plan if possible. The consultants work has been requested by the Task Force to report its findings by June 30th, 2019. It is believed once reviewed by the elected Council of Sussex the study’s findings, in its entirety,  will be shared with the community.