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Investment in upgrades to water and wastewater infrastructure for Sussex

The Town of Sussex is planning to complete an upgrade of the Town of Sussex Wastewater Pumping Station (WWPS) located on PID 30275754, civic 167 Stewart Avenue. This pumping station is a critical part of the regional treatment infrastructure providing service to 3636 equivalent residential units in the Town of Sussex, Village of Sussex Corner and the surrounding Region.

This WWPS currently provides service to approximately 860 equivalent units of the total 2850 units (approximately 1/3) in the Town of Sussex, 689 equivalent units in the Village of Sussex Corner (100%) and approximate 100 equivalent units in the surrounding LSD areas in the Sussex Region. There is no option to relocate this existing infrastructure and the infrastructure is deemed critical to service the greater region.

The last major upgrade to this WWPS was carried out in 1985 when the existing activated sludge wastewater treatment facility was decommissioned, and the existing pumping station commissioned on this site.

Our project will complete the sustainability of the necessary core / critical infrastructure to meet the immediate regional needs to collect and transport wastewater to the Sussex Wastewater Treatment Facility. The replacement involves installation of a new multi-pump station with a 2,400 mm diameter pre-cast wet well, lift station building foundation complete with the necessary architectural structure. Inside the WWPS the necessary mechanical equipment for lifting the influent inclusive of pumps, piping, fittings and accessories, ventilation, overflow baffle, flow meters, valves, access hatches and all necessary electrical equipment including variable frequency drives, power distribution, equipment connections and accessories. The station will be constructed with an interior generator set complete with automatic transfer switch to maintain 100% reliable operation of this critical infrastructure. The new infrastructure will include an update to WWPS’s SCADA connection and programing to connect the WWPS to the Town’s SCADA system. In addition, and included in the Town’s estimate is, the necessary funding to complete the commissioning of the new WWPS and to decommission and deconstruct the existing / replaced / aged infrastructure.

This upgrade will provide sustainability to the only wastewater treatment facility and wastewater collection system at, near or in the Town of Sussex / Village of Sussex Corner area meeting changing environmental standards by the provincial and federal regulations.

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