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Sussex commemorates the 79th Anniversary of the end of WWII in the Netherlands

The liberation of the Netherlands in the final months of World War II was a significant event that forged a lasting bond between Canada and the Netherlands.
This chapter of the war is a source of immense national pride for Canadians, a testament to our Country’s role in securing freedom for the people of the Netherlands

On May 5, a flag raising ceremony took place to commemorate this date in history, and the link that was made between the communities of Sussex and Tynaarlo, Netherlands in 2015, to honour and celebrate the regiment that binds these two communities in history; the 8th Canadian Hussars.

In 2015, Sussex and the municipality of Tynaarlo, Netherlands established that Sussex was considered the “home” of the 8th New Brunswick Regiment, which had strong ties to Tynaarlo during World War II. As part of this partnership, the two communities commemorated and celebrated the end of World War II together.

The flag raising ceremony included a number of distinguished guests who brought greetings on behalf of their respective communities and organizations.

Following the flag raising, the group made way to the train station where the 8th Hussars Regimental Museum showcased their collections, featuring WWII artifacts on display.

Deputy Mayor Tim Wilson shared greetings on behalf of the citizens of Sussex during the ceremony after he and CO Lt. Colonel Colin Beazley presented the flag for the raising at Town Hall.

CO Lt. Colonel Colin Beazley and RSM Tom Holland gave the 8th Hussars Greeting.

The flag raising ceremony was a meaningful symbol of the enduring friendship and cultural ties between the communities of Sussex and Tynaarlo, Netherlands, forged through decades of shared history.