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Rogers First Set Provincial Try Events Launches in Sussex

Rogers First Set Provincial Try Events provide opportunities to introduce players to tennis and celebrate the sport. Players of all ages and abilities explore how easy tennis can be when we adapt the way they learn and play. These events are designed to promote tennis participation within communities across Canada and has launched here in New Brunswick in Sussex.

Tennis is a sport that knows no bounds. It transcends age, skill level, and background, uniting players from all walks of life on the court. The Rogers First Set Provincial Try Events are a shining example of this inclusivity, offering a welcoming space for individuals to discover or rediscover their love for the game. By tailoring the learning experience to each player’s unique needs and abilities, the organizers ensure that everyone can enjoy the fun of tennis without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated.

These events are about more than just playing the game; they are about fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. As players rally back and forth, they cast new connections and friendships.

The Town would like to thank the Sussex Tennis Association for their work and promotion of tennis to the youth in the greater Sussex region.

Visit Tennis NB to learn more:

β€œIt was exciting to see new players experience tennis in an environment where everyone could play at their own level and feel a sense of accomplishment. Rogers First Set is truly a step in the right direction for player development across the country.”

Steve Wolf – Technical Director, Tennis New Brunswick