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Portage’s Mother & Child Program

Portage’s Mother and Child Program is a residential drug addiction rehabilitation program for pregnant women and mothers with young children. Whereas many mothers hesitate to seek help for fear of losing custody of their child, at Portage they can get treatment together, while at the same time strengthening their bond.

Through therapeutic groups and a supportive environment of peers who have been through similar struggles, the mothers work through the issues that caused their drug addiction problems and develop the skills and competencies to be able to better handle the challenges of everyday life.

Specialised educators work with the children at the on-site childcare service while the mothers are involved in therapeutic groups, and also with the mother-child duo in order to build and strengthen the mother’s parenting skills.

Aftercare and Family Services reinforce the process by providing the client with a solid support network following treatment.

For more information on this program, please visit their website.