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The Merchants of Sussex

During the first years of its existence, Sussex was a small village, with most of its buildings clustered around the train station. As a growing village, Sussex began to attract settlers who came to do buisness, built their homes and became permanent residents. Many trades came to set up shop — some of which are still operating now — and Sussex became the main service centre of the County, which it still is today. Wednesday afternoons would find shops closed in those days, their owners and customers enjoying themselves at the hugely popular Sussex racetracks. The artist: Barbara is an internationally recognized artist with experience in Public Art in California, Washington and Canada. Originally from the UK she now makes her home in Seattle, WA, and has been inspired by the city to create many paintings. Her aim is to reveal what can be so easily missed in scenes we pass through every day. In highlighting the ordinary world, she hopes to encourage a new perspective. To show the commonplace as worthy of a second look, refreshing and distilling our vision of the urban landscape.


  • 610 Main Street
    Sussex, N.B
    E4E 7H8