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Sussex – The Dairy Town

18.4 x 7.8 mtr (60.5 x 25.5 ft) First design as submitted by artist. Sussex has been dubbed the Dairy Capital of the Maritimes and has a rich history of producing the nations’ finest cream, butter and cheese. The fertile valley has a rich loamy soil produced by the spring flooding of the many streams and waterways that criss-cross the landscape. Agriculture has been the main industry of this area since the first settlers arrived and the dairy industry has been the mainstay of the economy and a way of life for the people of Sussex Valley. Fred aimed for a celebratory feel to the mural, with a graduating class from the Sussex Dairy School and families sharing in the event. He also wanted his mural to show the land that supported the dairy industry, and give a taste of the varied activities involved in the production and delivery of the products. The artist: Fred Harrison has been a successful mural artist for twenty years, mainly painting in the London, Ontario area for private homes and businesses. His last major project was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, restoring the Roxy, a 1930 atmospheric theatre, where he was responsible for the décor and where he added two small murals to the lobby area as well. He loves the challenge that large-scale work gives him and the fact that it is constantly interacting with the public.


  • 12 Maple Avenue
    Sussex, N.B
    E4E 2N5