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Official Change of the Cancellation Stamp

The coming of the railroad in the 1850s had a big impact on the Sussex area. Sussex Station, originally planned in Sussex Vale, was made 3.5 km west of the Vale after objections raised by Hugh McMonagle who didn’t want the railway to cross his land. Growth of Sussex Vale came to a standstill and the settlement around the station grew; in 1904 officially to become a town. One of the first steps of Sussex incorporating into a town was on April 1, 1898 when the word “Vale” was dropped from the cancellation stamp of the Sussex post office by a federal order. The artist: Jean Cannon is an artist, illustrator, and art educator living in Burlington, Vermont. She has been drawing and painting since childhood and has exhibited her work widely over the past ten years in Vermont and New York. Her paintings range in size from miniatures to large murals and theater backdrops. She enjoys collaborative projects and commissions as much as she does working on her own.


  • 9 Broad Street (Rear)
    Sussex, N.B
    E4E 5S2