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Maple Syrup Harvesting

Maple syrup has been part of the area’s heritage since pre-colonial times. As winter started turning into spring, the First Nations would move their families into a spot in the forest and establish “sugar camps” for the month or so that the maple sap would flow. This magic flow inside the tree is triggered by cold nights below freezing and warm days up to 5 degrees Celsius It was the First Nations who showed the settlers how to harvest sap from the trees and boil it. The purpose of the boiling process remains the same today: to remove water making the sap sweeter until it becomes syrup or sugar. New Brunswick holds the third rank in maple syrup production in the country, producing 5 million pounds of syrup a year. The artist: Born and educated in Western Canada, Dale Fehr began transforming spaces into incredible environments from the age of 12 when he built his own house. From there he went on to inspire clientele from large corporations, museums and the tiniest individuals. His extensive portfolio is a feast of creative interiors and public spaces all over North America. Currently he welcomes visitors to his studios and gallery showcase in St. Martins New Brunswick. Artist Statement For me, murals combine the fields of psychiatry, architecture, art and interior design. Creative spaces allow people to honour, dream and live in a wider world. From nursery to grave, murals provide a continuity and vitality achieved in no other way. My mantra is “I view the world through translucent eyes, too opaque to reveal truths, too transparent to conceal lies”. 


  • 607 Main Street (Rear)
    Sussex, N.B
    E4E 7H5