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Logging, Lumber Camps and Sawmills

The logging industry was a major component of the early New Brunswick economy. Many lumber camps and saw mills were located on the main waterways. Life at a lumber camp was labour intensive and dangerous. Logs were harvested from the forest with horses and sleighs and sent down river in huge log drives in the spring freshets. Men would travel on top of the logs to make sure they made it to their destination. It was a dangerous job and many a log driver lost his life in a logjam. The mural is located on Nicholson Hall, named after Rev. R. Nicholson, a local art teacher who was known for his colourful paintings of early logging in New Brunswick. The artist: Fred Harrison has been a successful mural artist for twenty years, mainly painting in the London, Ontario area for private homes and businesses. His last major project was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, restoring the Roxy, a 1930 atmospheric theatre, where he was responsible for the d├ęcor and where he added two small murals to the lobby area as well. He loves the challenge that large-scale work gives him and the fact that it is constantly interacting with the public.


  • 248 Main Street
    Sussex, N.B
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