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Famous Sussex Ginger Ale

15.8 x 3.7 mtr (52 x 12 ft) First design as submitted by artist. When S.H. White had a well bored on his Church Avenue property in 1895 he found the water could be used as the basis for a mineral drink. He lost no time arranging for its manufacture and marketing and founded the Sussex Mineral Springs Company that same year, which later became Sussex Ginger Ale Ltd. The company produced Sussex ginger ale, which is still sold today, as well as its legendary lime rickey and orange flavours. Sussex Ginger Ale’s signature flavour was called Bounce and it was similar to, and some say even better than, 7-up. The mascot for Sussex Ginger Ale was Gurgles the clown. Andrew remembers, as a child growing up in New Brunswick, the excitement of going to the cooler at the corner store to pick out a bottle of Sussex pop. He relished not only the taste but also the colours and how vibrant they were. The idea for his mural in large part stems from those experiences as a child. It shows the fountain, springing forth all of the colours and energy of the Sussex sodas. The window frames of the original brewery are recreated in his mural, as is the banner, which is identical to the original as well. The artist: Andrew Giffin, originally from Saint John, NB, received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with honours from the University of Manitoba in 1986. He maintained his own studio since 1987, where he offered painting classes and opened the gallery and studio to the public. He has painted murals in Winnipeg and Calgary. He recently moved back to his home province of New Brunswick to Roachville near Sussex, where he is establishing a new studio. Giffin Artworks Inc. features his creativity in commercial ventures: he builds large-scale sculptural landscapes and waterfalls from concrete, or produces artwork for the film industry as well as specialty finishes for homes and businesses.


  • 35 Broad Street
    Sussex, N.B
    E4E 2J7