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Inspiring the Community – Sussex Celebrates National Volunteer Week with Gratitude

April 14 to 20 marks National Volunteer week, an annual celebration that recognizes the invaluable contributions of volunteers around Canada. On April 18, Sussex hosted their 2024 Volunteer Appreciation Reception and Awards.

Volunteering is the backbone of a strong, vibrant community. Every volunteer’s unique experience and perspective add to our collective strength, weaving our community together making it more resilient and inclusive for all.

During National Volunteer Week, we celebrate the collective impact of volunteers making a difference in our Community. By coming together we increase our collective efforts and contribute exponentially to the quality of life we all strive for. Whether you volunteer regularly or are considering getting involved, National Volunteer Week is a time to reflect on the power of service and the meaningful difference we can make in our community.

Sussex would like to express our deepest gratitude for the volunteers whose tireless efforts and unwavering dedication make Sussex a better place to live.

Councillor Maguire & Allison Pearson Deputy Mayor Wilson & Allan Bowie

Mayor Marc THorne & Baleigh Fulford Mayor Marc Thorne & Barb Bickerton

Councillor Maguire & Cathy Horncastle Councillor Milner & Elizabeth Kerwin-Smith

Councillor Milner & Helen Perry Deputy Mayor Wilson & Janet Murray

Mayor Marc Thorne & Judy Feltus Councillor Maguire & Kandi Sherwood Murphy

Councillor Maguire & Katrina Graham-Elmore Councillor MacLeod & Amanda Bettle

Councillor Milner & Leann Donovan Lorilee Parlee with her award

Mayor Marc Thorne & Mike Borgh Councillor Milner & Malcolme Collins

Councillor MacLeod & Natisha McCutcheon Councillor Brenan & Nancy Meech

Councillor Brenan & Patricia Ethridge Councillor Milner & Scott Brown

Deputy Mayor Wilson & Sheri Shannon Mayor Marc Thorne & Patricia Seeley

Councillor Brenan & Paul Bedford