Tenders & Quotations

05-003-19 – Asphalt Upgrades

Sealed Tenders properly marked as to the contents addressed to the undersigned will be received until 2:00 PM, local time, Thursday, July 18, 2019 at the Town of Sussex, 524 Main Street, Sussex, NB, E4E 3E4. 

The public tender opening will be held immediately after the 2:00 PM closing at the Town Office.

The project is located in the Town of Sussex. The Work includes but is not necessarily limited to asphalt pulverization, base asphalt, seal asphalt, chamber adjustments and line painting on Turner Court, Bryant Drive, Elliott Drive and the Fire Station parking lot.

Technical questions shall be directed to: David Parsons, P.Eng., CBCL Limited, Phone: (506) 633-6650 or Email:davidp@cbcl.ca.

Official contract documents may be obtained from CBCL Limited, Saint John, NB by email request to klester@cbcl.ca.  Tender documents will be issued in digital format only.  Bidders must be registered with CBCL limited and request their plans 48 hours prior to the tender closing to have their bid submission accepted.  A Bid bond OR Certified Cheque, payable to the Town of Sussex, in the amount of 10% of the tender price must also accompany each tender.

The Town of Sussex reserves the right to reject any and all tenders and also reserves the right to not necessarily accept the lowest tender.

T-05-19 – One Ton Truck

Quotations are requested for supply & delivery of one new, not previously used, not necessarily current year, one ton truck complete with dump.

Bid packages are available from the Town Office, 524 Main Street, Sussex, N. B., E4E 3E4, or by calling 506-432-4540 during normal office hours.  Enquiries are to be directed to Mrs. Shelley Scott, Purchasing Agent, at 506-432-4567.

Quotations will be received until 12:00 Noon Local Time on THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2019, at the Town Office.  Lowest quotation or any quotation not necessarily accepted.