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Residential Fall Clean-up

This event has ended

This is an opportunity for all residents to totally clean up their yards, basements, attics, etc. ALL ITEMS (EXCEPT HAZARDOUSE WASTE which includes computer monitors & batteries AND CONSTRUCTION WASTE) including fridges, stoves, furniture, lumber, metals, branches, etc., will be accepted on these days only. Refrigerators do not need the gas removed before pick-up. Derelict vehicles are also acceptable. Please call the Town Office at (506) 432-4540 for the removal of old vehicles as paperwork is involved, although there is no cost to the owners.

Household waste in blue bags cannot be collected during Spring and Fall Clean-ups due to restrictions at the transfer station.

Please remember to always separate the garbage so recyclable materials can be easily identified. Packaged materials cannot be more than 50 pounds per package, bag or bundle. Remember, any bundled material must also be bundled with string or rope – materials bundled with wire or any metal products are not acceptable. Please also bundle shrubbery/brush, also in bundles less than 50lbs.

Fall Clean-Up is done in conjunction with the regular garbage collection. Pick-up is scheduled for the day of your regular garbage collection and items will not be picked-up after your regular collection passes. Residents should be aware that the items are collected in phases, some by multiple carriers, therefore it may take a couple of days for all of your items to be collected. For any information called the Town Office at (506) 432-4540.