The Town of Sussex is a participant in the Province of New Brunswick's Local Historic Places Program, funded by the Government of Canada through the Historic Places Initiative (HPI).

Sussex Historic Places

1. Slipp-Deichmann-Wallace Residence
2. Kirkhill Cemetary
3. Wallace Twins Houses
4. Sharp's Drugstore
5. Dominion Building (currently Town Hall)
6. Brooks Residence
7. Gunn House
8. Forbes Residence
9. Williamson Residence
10. Sutherland Residence
11. Squarebriggs Residence
12. Depot Hotel
13. Intercolonial Railway Station
14. Black-Palmer Residence
15. Sussex Ginger Ale Factory
16. Church Avenue Fountain
17. Fairweather Residence
18. Diadema White's House
19. Old MacDougall Residence
20. Arnold House
21.Trinity Anglican Church
22. Jonah Residence

New Brunswick Register of Historic Places

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