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RFP-01-19: Portable Pump(s) with Trailer(s)

Proposals are requested for the supply and delivery of portable pump(s) with trailer(s).

Tender Documents must be obtained from Town of Sussex. Documents will not be available by email or fax.

Sealed proposals will be received until 12:00:00 pm Atlantic Time, Thursday, November 28, 2019 at Town Hall, 524 Main Street, Sussex, NB, E4E 3E4.

Documents must be clearly labeled as “RFP-01-19: Portable Pump(s) with Trailer(s)“.

Proposals by email or fax will not be considered.

Proposals will be opened immediately following the closing time in the Committee Room of the Town Hall.

Project Background

On April 16, 2014, several areas within the Town of Sussex were damaged by flooding and caused approximately 1,450 people to leave their homes. Following this extreme weather event, RV Anderson Associates conducted a flood study to help the Town better understand the flood risks facing the municipality. One of the recommended mitigation measures identified was to upgrade the existing Gateway Mall flood berm, located behind the Gateway Mall between Main Street and the Kennebecasis River and adjacent to NBDTI Route 1 eastbound within the Town of Sussex. The proposed flood berm work at the Gateway Mall would provide a degree of protection for the Mall and the surrounding properties against future flooding. This project will include the installation of 354 m of new storm sewer with structures, importing 10,000 mᶾ of fill for berm construction, 1680 tonnes of granular base and sub-base, landscaping and site restoration.

As part of the Gateway Mall flood berm project, mobile pump(s) will be required to drain rainfall runoff from behind the berm during flood conditions. A single pump or a combination of pumps would be considered; however, the pump(s) must have a total pumping capacity of 200 L/s at a pumping head of 6.0 m. When required during flooding conditions, the pump(s) will be mobilized to the berm, the suction hose will be lowered into a dedicated manhole structure and the pump(s) will discharge to a splash pad on the riverside of the berm. The pump(s) will be capable of operating full time (with periodic checks) and remain operational until the river recedes below flood stage. Pump(s) must meet recent tier 4 emission standards. Pump(s) will be stored outside while not in use and should be able to withstand the elements during storage.