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UPDATE 3 – Friday February 18, 2022, 3:00 pm, Ice Jam – High Water Alert

The Town’s EOC Control group have activated the Town’s Emergency Operations Centre at 6:00 am Friday February 18, 2022 to Level 3 Full Activation.

Precautions / Operations undertaken to date.

  1. EOC Coordinator Horton is on site to review firsthand the water levels, and ice jamming being experienced on Parsons Brook and Wards Creek.
  2. Close monitoring of Trout Creek is currently ongoing.
  3. Water levels in Trout Creek have peaked at 1:30 pm local time today February 18, 2022.
  4. The EOG group believe we are entering a favourable forecast with an end to our rainfall warning.
  5. The EOC Control Group has asked that Public Works to schedule works crews though today to address drainage issues as they arise.
  6. The following street closures have been authorized by Sussex EMO:
    a. Wallace Court, full closure
    b. Jonah Court, full closure.
    c. Holman Avenue, full closure.
    d. MCLean Street, full closure.
    e. Maxwell drive, partial closure.
    f. Magnolia Avenue, partial closure.
  7. The Town’s EOC group request that the barricaded streets be honored as the movement of unnecessary traffic can cause additional damage to impacted residents.
  8. Our EOC group has recommended and has closed the emergency shelter effective at 3:00 PM local time Friday, February 18, 2022.
  9. The process of reenergizing the underground power to Jonah Court has begun. Door to door inspections will be undertaken on each residence impacted to ascertain circuits that may have been impacted by water. These inspections will be completed by a qualified electrician. This inspection process needs to be completed prior to reenergizing Jonah Court. Our EOG group will attempt to complete the inspection process prior to 6 pm if possible. Further assessment is ongoing of work necessary is currently underway.
  10. The Town’s EMO service believes the risk of further ice jams are no longer at issue.

Updates over the evening hours and scheduled further EOC Control Group meetings will be undertaken as the situation warrants.