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UPDATE 2 – Friday February 18, 2022, 12:45 pm, Ice Jam – High Water Alert

The Town’s EOC Control group have activated the Town’s emergency Operations Centre at 6:00 am Friday February 18, 2022. to Level 3 Full Activation.

Precautions / Operations undertaken to date.

  1. EOC Coordinator Horton is on site to review firsthand the water levels, and ice jamming being experienced on Parsons Brook and Wards Creek.
  2. Close monitoring of Trout Creek is currently underway.
  3. The second Emergency Sentinel Alert has been sent Town wide at 11:15 am, as follows:

This is an advisory from the Town of Sussex. It’s Friday, February 18, 2022 11:00 AM

Water levels continue to rise in Trout Creek, Wards Creek and Parson’s Brook. For residents who are in need of temporary shelter, Kingswood University Chapel, on Wesley Drive in Sussex is being opened. Those In need of shelter can call 432-4540.

Before leaving for the shelter, please take steps to secure your home and property. Remember to bring any medications and essentials with you.

Please also make arrangements for care of your pets as you may not be able return to your home once you leave.

If you need immediate assistance or transportation to the shelter, please call 911.

  1. The EOC Control Group has asked that Public Works to schedule works crews though today to address drainage issues as they arise.
  2. The following street closures have been authorized by Sussex EMO:
    a. Wallace Court, full closure
    b. Jonah Court, full closure.
    c. Maxwell drive, partial closure.
    d. Magnolia Avenue, partial closure.
  3. One (1) emergency shelter has been opened to accommodate those residents that wish to leave their residential property.
  4. Underground power has been temporarily cut to Jonah Court. Further assessment is ongoing of when power service can be restored.
  5. The Town’s EMO service are dealing with difficult ice jamming in the Parson’s Brook areas. Ice Jamming in the Ward’s Creek areas are no longer at issue.

The Town will undertake a social media and website posting advising of the Emergency Operations Centre activation to Level 3 – Full Activation and to provide the link where residents can update their Sentinel information to receive the Town’s emergency messages.

Updates will be broadcast over this afternoon and through the evening hours and schedule further EOC Control Group meetings as the situation warrants.