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PUBLIC NOTICE – Hearing of Objections Zoning By-Law Amendment 1350-21-03

WHEREAS Council has enacted Zoning By-Law Amendment, By-law #1350-21-03, for a portion of the property bearing P.I.D. #00265041, to permit High Density Residential (“R4”) on a portion of these lands;

AND WHEREAS the developer has submitted an amended development proposal altering the number of residential units by the addition of two (2) units per building,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Council for the Town of Sussex, sets a Council meeting of January 15th, 2024 at 6:30pm in the Municipal Office, 524 Main Street, Sussex, N.B. as the date, time, and place for the Public Hearing of Consideration of Objections to the amended development proposal.

Tara Olesen,

Town Clerk

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