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Movie in the Park – Postponed until July 15th

On a trial basis the Town of Sussex would like to announce that there will be a movie July 15th starting at dusk (8:30 pm). The movie playing will be Open Season. In regards to Covid-19 extra safety measures are in place for our events. If you are planning on attending the Movie in the Park on July 15th please register your family.  If you or anyone in your family bubble experience any symptoms leading up to the movie we would ask you to stay home.

Registration is part one and must include everyone attending the movie, see the add participant block of the registration to add your family members. Part two is signing in at the park and ensuring that all the names we have registered for your family are onsite.

If you have any questions please call 432-4573 or email

Movie in the park Registration

Add participant

You understand that you are required to bring a community mask for everyone in your family bubble that will be attending the Aug 5th movie in the park. Community mask will be needed when social distancing cannot be maintained outside of your assigned spot. *
I understand that it is the responsibility of the persons in your bubble to bring hand sanitizer if they require it. *
The Town of Sussex Emergency Operations Centre is currently active to monitor the Town response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).More Information