As part of RSC 8, the Town Of Sussex is subject to the solid waste collection change to the 3-BAG SYSTEM on September 18th.

Your green bag (organics) will be collected every week. The blue bag (recyclables) will be collected every 2nd week alternating with the clear garbage bags. The 3rd bag is a clear bag for garbage items such as cat litter, footwear, chip bags, toothpaste tubes and a large list of items. Clear bags will be picked up every 2nd week, alternating with the blue bag pick up.

September 19th & 20th, the first pick-up days under the new system in Sussex, green and clear bags will be picked up and therefore the next week, September 26th & 27th, will be green and blue bag pick up.

A sorting guide is available from the RCS 8 office at 49 Winter Street and at the Town Office, 524 Main Street. You can also visit

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