Strategic Plan and Implementation

The new Strategic Plan was presented to the community on March 1st, 2017 as the next critical step in responding to the suspension of mining operations by the Potash Corp. This Plan will provide guidance in areas that the community should be investing its resources, both financial and human, in an effort to strengthen the regional economy. In addition to the strategic plan a new Communications Plan has been developed and will be used to promote the priorities of this new Strategic Plan

Our Plan and its development has been a direct result of our funding partners at ACOA, PETL and PotashCorp of Saskatchewan. Their assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Our team led by the Sussex and District Chamber of Commerce engaged the community in strategic brainstorming sessions to initiate the process of identifying a new economic prosperity path. That work constituted an initial foundation for the development and completion of this strategy. Following a thorough and exhaustive analysis process, a senior working group identified seven priority areas of focus and ranked them in order of importance, with the top three being the immediate focal point. In all, however, these priorities touch the seven pillars of economic activity, as defined by the Chamber of Commerce process, and as such enable a balanced medium term approach.

The details of our Strategic Plan, our Communication Plan and the presentation information of March 1st, 2017 can be found at the following links:

pdf Sussex Economic Development Strategy (9.20 MB)

pdf GSHR Agenda March 1 2017 (302 KB)

pdf Economic Development Presentation (1.97 MB)

pdf Greater Sussex Hampton Region Communications Plan (260 KB)


The Greater Sussex - Hampton Region has taken the initiative to determine its economic future in the face of the potash mine closure. Clearly, great opportunities lie within the region’s reach, not only to mitigate the negative impact of the Picadilly operations suspension, but also to reposition the region economically. This strategic plan is key in realizing a new economic future for the region. Our comprehensive communication plan outlined above will be instrumental in bringing these strategies to life. Implementation of the plan rests in the capable hands of the Greater Sussex-Hampton Region leaders, our community. Be part of our future team and contact us today to continue to contribute your efforts to your future success. Our success depends on your involvement to ensure that each strategic priority has the right champions in place to shift plans and priorities into action. This is just the beginning. The real work is ahead of us and will require tremendous effort, courage and sustained commitment.

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